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The Salesforce Secret

The Salesforce.com certification exams are intended for individuals who have experience in using Salesforce or have an interest in verifying their competency utilizing Salesforce. This site is not intended to replace a Salesforce training course, for those not yet familiar in the software you may find the courses very beneficial. However, this site is meant to be a collaboration of information that may be useful for those seeking to pass certification exams.

This site is meant to be a collaborative effort. Whether its sending us content directly, answering questions in the chat rooms or posting on the forum we need your input.

“Learning Through Collaboration”

Success Stories

This was an amazing resource for the ADM 201 Exam. I was able to practice and get a very good idea of how the questions would be asked and the content. I passed and it was in no small part to the contributors to this site. I had a few more questions on communities than is covered on this site, however excellent resource.

Thank you!

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