I’m going to be honest. I hated Lightning when it first came out. It was Classic experience for me all the way. Now I can’t seem to get myself to go back to Classic unless I absolutely have to and after talking to people recently I had to stop and figure out what converted to me to being such a huge fan. 

Many companies are struggling with the daunting task of moving their teams to Lightning and are asking that very important question: What makes it worth it?

I’ve found a very simple answer: Opportunity.

Lightning experience offers so many more opportunities to streamline and enhance our user experience. In Lightning you can customize how your data is laid out visually in a way we could not hope to accomplish without exhaustive efforts in Classic. 

The opportunity is not limited to just how Salesforce looks in Lightning, it’s also about all the new functionality Lightning has unlocked. From the maintenance I just completed and the roadmap it seems there will be plenty more to come. 


So if your team is wondering why you are taking the bold step of migrating them to Lightning, the answer is simple: Moving to Lightning opens up so many more opportunities to make life better for them in Salesforce.