Lightning Migration Terminology

As we prepare for our Lightning Migration it helps to have some familiar phrases to keep us all on he same page. This is going to be one of those rare articles where my sample size is small so some of these words may be new. Hopefully the quick read will help your conversations going forward.



First up: Lightning Migration Types

Lockdown Migration

In this migration type users will be prevented from returning to Classic experience once they have been converted to Lightning Experience. 

This migration type is generally necessary for large user audiences that are expected to all perform the same activity in the system. There should be minimal emergent behaviors to troubleshoot for allowing for this migration type. 

Phase Out Migration

In direct contrast a phase out migration is where users are given the option to perform some functions in Lightning and gradually stop supporting Classic. 

This migration type is ideal for users that have had time to refine their own versions of the same process. It allows them to try the new functionality without the risk of not being able to perform their daily responsiblities. 

Deprecate Out: 

This refers to the specific process of letting process remain until they no longer serve the business functions needed. Ideally this is done for tasks that are infrequently needed or items that are easily accomodated in both experiences. 

Partial Migration:

Moving only a portion of the users to Lightning Experience at a time. If  you have multiple types of easily defined user groups this migration allows your team time to focus on each group.

Full Migration:

Moving all users at once to Lightning Experience. This migration works well if you have all users performing the same functions, have a small audience, or haven’t really had time to customize anything yet. 

User Types

Super Users

These early adopters are quick to give feedback and are constantly curious of what else Salesforce Lightning can do. 

At Risk Users

These users are completely comfortable in Classic and see no reason to move to Lightning. If given the opportunity to go to Classic instead they always seem to take it. 

If we find more Lightning Migration Terminology we’ll be sure to update the list. What about you: any terms to add?