Group Activity

The Right Activity for the Right User

Welcome back trailblazers as we prepare yet again for your Lightning Migration. In this chapter we are talking about how to engage with all parties in the Lightning Migration. Be ready with an activity that will make the most of every second of the interaction.

Many Lightning Migrations struggle because the wrong party is asked a question or a party is never asked. Want your Lightning Migration to go well? Be ready to get everyone talking in a collaborative fashion as soon as possible.

The Hardest Activity

The one activity most likely to encounter concerns is the pre-kickoff conversation with leadership. The goal of this activity is to ensure leadership is on the same page and clear expectations for the Migration are set up front. This activity can be done with just leadership and someone to guide them through the questions below. Once everyone is clear on the goals of the Migration more parties can be brought in.


  1. Who is to be migrated in this phase?
  2. Will we allow users to access both interfaces or do we need to keep them in one as that is all we can support?
  3. If we lose a major functionality for a group do we teach them to split between Classic and Lightning, or delay the migration?

After this meeting everyone should be clear on the answer to every question. Once this activity is completed its the ideal time to set other expectations. Lightning Migrations are the number one activity to have a not so pleasant surprise pop up. Be up front about this. The main reason we have question three to make sure everyone is aware that at some point during the migration, you may be asked to choose between losing a functionality or delaying your timeline. 


Assemble Your Supersquad

In every Migration there are the superheroes that make it all possible. The first activity for these champions is to connect them all. Whether it be over food, through chat, or over any other form of communication this activity is all about tearing down the walls and assembling the team. These individuals communicating well will speed your Migration along and develop amazing work.


Connect Your Supersquad to your Superusers

If you haven’t checked out our article on How to Spot a Super User now would be a great time to do so. This activity is all about syncing your supersquad to your superusers and getting their communication flowing. For the first activity anticipate it surrounding your superusers talking and your supersqaud listening and noting how these resources can help. Some great conversation starters include:

  1. What part of Salesforce could you navigate blindfolded?
  2. If you could change any screen in your Salesforce interface, what would you change?
  3. What is your biggest pet peeve in Salesforce right now?

If everyone seemed to avoid the biggest pet peeve question, don’t fret. This is a chance for your supersquad to reach out later to ask follow on questions as they work. In each follow on activity your superusers tend to be more and more candid over pain points.

Individual Activity with Superusers

Superusers are a bit gun shy the first activity. They don’t admit to a pain point, but they do know what piece of Salesforce they own. This is where your supersquad asks for a little time to have the superuser to answer any questions on how the page works in classic and check out what their flow is through the pages. With this individual time your superuser has a chance to be a bit more candid.

The Blind Dry Run Activity


Perhaps my favorite way to see how well the Migration is going a blind dry run activity involves taking your superusers in to a sandbox with Lightning all ready for them and asking them to just go to work. No training, no explanations. These users know Salesforce Classic and what they need to do and without direction they will try and replicate their normal flow. This is the perfect activity to find emergent behaviors that aren’t currently supported. Where you check how intuitive the new design is and give the users a chance to get excited about Lightning experience.

Training is critical during a migration, but your superusers can show you just how much time you cut from their day and have some ideas on how to make it even better. For this activity keep track of their questions and concerns. When you’re ready to launch to everyone have the questions and concerns resolved or with ready answers in an FAQ.


Check-ins and Other Activities


This list is by no means comprehensive. Also anticipate check-ins with leadership, supersquad meetings for keeping on schedule, training and other ad hoc meetings. These activities are more specific to each migration. It is a challenge to find a healthy balance of meetings to messages. The best recommendation I can give is to make sure each activity has a goal. Whether it be introducing users to troubleshooting problems, time spent with a purpose will move the initiative forward.

So what do you think trailblazers, what activities did you have during your migration that were super helpful?

As always you can learn more about Lightning Migrations with our Lightning Migration Group:

Stay safe and we’ll see you on the trail