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Access External Data with Salesforce Connect

Salesforce connect allows users view, search and modify data that is stored outside your Salesforce org. You can connect to data stored in other salesforce orgs, data exposed via the Open Data Protocol or connect via a custom adapter with Apex Connect Framework.

API Planning Framework for Architects

API-Led Integration for Business Renovation

Platform Events Basics

Large Data Volumes

Apex Integration Services

Develop a Heroku App That Integrates with Salesforce

Understanding Outbound Messaging

After you setup outbound messaging when triggering event occurs a message is sent to the specified endpoint URL. The message contains the fields specified when you create the outbound message. 

Play with Outbound Messaging
  1. Set the below URL as endpoint in Salesforce for Outbound Message

  2. Once done, Send the outbound message and monitor the response using below URL

Salesforce & Heroku Integration

Build a Connected App for API Integration

Quick Start: MuleSoft API Designer

API Lifecycle Management with Anypoint Platform