We’ve made a lot of changes recently and wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. You’ll notice the navigation changed and many of the quizzes have moved. Check out the ways to engage below.


Groups give you the ability to communicate with other members through the group chat. From the Group page you can also access the forum or use the links in the group description to navigate to other SFDCStudy resources or Trailhead. 

Check out the Groups page to see available groups.


With the new ability to communicate we are also adding forums so you can quickly search and see conversations around specific topics. Forums will be created for groups and themes and can be located from the Group page.

You can also search directly for a forum from the Search Forum box in the footer of the page.

Certification Pages

Certification Pages are a compilation of resources that include quick access to the groups, Trailhead, and Forums for the specific certification. The hope is to include question decks for each of the Certification Exams. This is where we are hoping for your assistance.

Please identify question decks in the forums for the certification and comment on resources that you have found to be accurate.

The more feedback we get for a specific resource, the more we can prioritize increasing the visibility for others.

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