Success Stories

Success Stories

The community of users wishing to obtain Salesforce Certifications is ever growing. However, the road is not always easy. We encourage everyone to share their stories and remind us that we are not alone.


When I first learned about Salesforce and their entire culture I really wanted to work there. After a lot of research online, reading all the help articles I could find, I thought I was ready for the ADM 201 exam.

After 30 minutes of wondering if I had perhaps signed up for the wrong exam, the torture was over and I left to admit to my family I had failed.

1 month of intense studying later I could build, export, design and even intentionally break my dev environment. I thought for sure this would be the time, that I knew how to use Salesforce.

Attempt two yielded the same results, confusion of what exactly I was supposed to know. Around this time I came into contact with groups of individuals who had just passed their exams and revealed what helped them. Having access to a question set with similar question formatting.

After studying with similar questions, the ones currently on SFDC, I walked out of the exam after 9 minutes with a pass.

Even if you don't pass first round, don't give up.
Although I will be staying anonymous, I owe whoever you are my life. I have been studying for the Salesforce Admin exam for the past 2 months and everything that I have read was so drawn out and overloaded with unnecessary details. I felt like I was pulling teeth every time I sat down to study.

I spent the past 2 weeks going through all of your Admin study materials followed by the past 48 hours of my life sans study breaks, meals, and sleep repeating your Admin quizzes until I knew at least 90% of the 185 questions correctly inside and out. My first attempt through resulted with about a 44% correct rate.

It got to a point this afternoon where I could pick out the correct answers before I knew what the question was. After failing ADM 201 the first time this month, I took ADM 201 again just now and finished in about 15 minutes. I only marked 17 questions for review but since I knew the other 43 were correct thanks to you, I hit submit without bothering to check twice. Result = Pass! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amazing what a free website with people who care can do for a community of us so passionate about advancing our Salesforce knowledge.

To anyone out there who is hesitant, resistant or struggling, please come here. It will change everything for you. God bless.
Thank you thank you n thank you . I passed with your help . Awesome website .
This website is really a game changer! I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have passed the ADM 201 exam easily if not for this God-sent website. If you wanna get certified then get your hands dirty with all the questions on this website.
To the management of, Thank you for making this world a better place to live 🙂
This was the single most helpful resource studying for my ADM-201 exam. Just passed today in 15 minutes! Thank you so much!
I passed my exam in the first try. I do agree with the previous testimonies, this site is really a game changer. Thank you and thank you.
This was an amazing resource for the ADM 201 Exam. I was able to practice and get a very good idea of how the questions would be asked and the content. I passed and it was in no small part to the contributors to this site. I had a few more questions on communities than is covered on this site, however excellent resource.

Thank you!

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