Welcome to SFDCStudy.org

Hey Trailblazers! Welcome to SFDCStudy.org. We’ve been around for a while, but wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Before we get in to all the awesome stuff you can do with SFDCStudy we want to take a minute to give¬† you a little history.

SFDCStudy.org was created over 5 years ago when we noticed a gap in the training available. Mainly that there just wasn’t a lot of documentation to help study for exams. So while some rocked it in an org, they fizzled on a test. We wanted to help try and bridge that gap. Our strategy is simple: if you are familiar with the types of questions and the format of the exam you are more likely to pass.

There has been and still is a lot of controversy over practice exams or question dumps as they are sometimes referred to as. We walk the narrow line of trying to find realistic questions without just straight stealing. In recent years we have doubled down on our efforts of transparency including linking the sources of questions. Additionally, we are striving to better validate the questions to give users the documentation repository to study from instead of just memorizing. That being said, this is a lot of work we are taking on, so we really do appreciate your patience.