Integration Architect – Evaluate Business Needs

Governance Basics

Key Principles for a Successful Salesforce Implementation Part III: Governance

Explain the Value

How will this benefit the team going forward? Explain to senior leadership. 

When and How to Govern?

Solution Design

After requirements have been aligned to features and solutions
Solution Approval Before a solution design, or statement of work (SoW) that proposes a solution, is agreed
Architectural Reviews During regular architecture group meetings and discussion of proposed changes
Change Management Before a release or change is approved for deployment

Managing the Principle Lifecycle

No hard and fast rules at how often you review your principles, but look for scenarios that should trigger a review. When might you see a major change in business plan or IT strategy? Would a principle review make sense then?

Owner Who is responsible for wording updates, version control, any other queries
Version Use a versioning to make it easier to keep track
Status Make it easier to identify where in the lifecycle it is
Review Date When should this be reviewed for accuracy and relevance
Retirement Date When was this principle removed from use